Perfectly Ordinary Ghosts

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Perfectly Ordinary Ghosts is a domestic horror interactive fiction made in Twine.

It is a real house made imaginary. In summer the ghosts come, and the violet orange of the humid night reaches new depths.

For more information, read my artist’s statement over here.

Gothic fiction has a long tradition of haunted houses; grand structures are geographically fixed but temporally shifting. Our memories of a place are fragmented and recursive, histories that are personal and public at the same time. The Gothic sequence of descending from public to private to secret places – uncovering greater horrors as we go – gets twisted around a suburban house. Glass reveals, reflects and conceals, doors should stay shut.

Too often solitude is seen as something to overcome. Many myths feed on the image of a lone man against the wilderness – either a literal or metaphorical one. It is to be triumphantly conquered, wrestled down, beaten. There’s a quiet pleasure to immersing yourself in solitude, exploring the loneliness as a landscape. The rich inner worlds of women are rarely seen, as we continue to exist in our houses and behind our desks and staring out of the window on public transport.

Perfectly Ordinary Ghosts is about all of this and none of this. If you’ve made peace with the strange knocks you hear at night, so have I.

Perfectly Ordinary Ghosts cover image